For Club/Organization administrator

If you’re an admin you will invite the users and manage the subscriptions and billing of Athlete Analyzer and set up the public profile for your club/organization.
  1. Create a coach account for yourself through the website,
  2. Invite your organization’s judokas and coaches to AAJ, using the invite feature under “Help and updates”.
  3. Insudo Factory will create an admin page for you club/organization and add you as an administrator. You will find the Admin page from the menu to the left in the system.
  4. Add a credit card in Admin page/Billing. If you got a coupon(s) with discount, add the code(s). Choose monthly or yearly billing period. Add the number of subscriptions of every version you need. If you have any discount it will be calculated after you have added the subscriptions.
  5. The payment for the subscriptions will be drawn from the credit card used. You can view/print the invoice(s) from the Billing page.
  6. Assign subscriptions to your users in Admin page/Manage subscriptions.
Read more It is also possible to create and publish a public “Club / Organization page” where the organization’s users of AAJ is shown. First you have to add the members you want to display on the page. You can then enter texts, add sponsors and also specify PayPal account that the organization’s stakeholders can use to support the Organization. This gives you the opportunity to raise funding by sharing the page on your website or social media. When the organization’s judokas register their competitions, the organization’s map updates automatically. It’s also possible for sponsors/stakeholder to the organization to subscribe to a monthly email report containing the organization’s latest results. Read more