For Coach

As a coach you need to connect to your athletes and coach friends before you can start collaborate with them.

Invite your athletes

First thing you need to do is to invite your athletes to the system. You can also request access to existing athletes in the system in order to get access to their data. Search for your judokas in the search bar at the top and click on their name. Click request access. The judoka will now receive a notification stating that you want to access his or hers profile and data. Only after the judoka has accepted your request will his or hers data be available to you. If the judoka haven’t signed up yet you can send them an invite through AAJ. When the judoka click on the invite link and sign up you will automatically have access to their data.

Invite your coach friends

You can also invite your coach friends to the system or request to “become friends” to existing coaches in the system. Coaches can easily share exercises, workouts or even complete training plans with each other. This could be extremely useful and saves time. It simplifies the collaboration between coaches in different levels like national level and regional level down to club level making it possible to train professionally in every level. In many clubs/organisations the different athletes have different coaches or mentors. The system makes it possible for all coaches around every single athlete to be updated about the athlete’s progress from anywhere in anytime.

Create groups with athletes

Take some time to create the needed groups for managing your athletes. Maybe you need a group for male pre cadets, one group for female juniors and so on. Then add your corresponding athletes to each group. An athlete can be a member in several groups if needed. If you use the grouping of athletes properly it will bring you some nice features. You can write messages to the whole group, you can share training plans to the whole group and it even bring you the possibility to analyze strengths and weaknesses that the group shares. It’s easy to discover what newaza technique that seldom leads to Ippon so you can practise that more in the future. You can easily discover that many of your athletes get thrown with O soto gari against opponents using left grip and such. This makes it easy to find out what to focus on in forthcoming training sessions.

Follow athletes

If you look at your athletes in the coach dashboard you will notice a star. If you click on the star you can choose to follow that athlete and get emails about their training and competitions. This is extremely useful for national coaches or regional coaches that need to keep track of their different teams that they don’t meet on daily basis. You can for instance create a group called “Prospects” and get email about their progress daily, weekly or monthly. This saves a lot of time and gives you the opportunity to provide feedback to the athletes and make sure that they know that you follow their progress.

Create exercises and workouts

There already are some premade exercises and workouts in the system. You probably want to create more exercises that you are used to use in your organisation.When you have created your common exercises you can create workouts that contains the exercises. You can add as many exercises you want in a workout and even create intervals, circuit training and workouts based on AMRAP on time. You can share your exercises and workouts to your athletes and your coach friends.

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Create training plans

As a coach you can create as many different training plans as you want. One for female cadets, one for you male juniors, one for your seniors and such. You build your training plans by adding workouts to the planning calendar. When the plan is ready for launch you can just share it to your athletes. You can also share the plan to your coach friends so they can use it to. You can build blocks like “Build up period for male cadets” consisting of a couple of weeks training and reuse it in future training plans. You can choose to create a plan for a group of athletes and use it for a long time by adding workouts a month ahead from the present time. The system allows you to work as it suits you best in your club/organisation. Read more