For Judoka

Follow the steps below to get started.


Grant access to your data for your coaches that you know and trust. You will find the notifications under the bell in the upper right corner of your screen. Your coaches will be able to share training plans to you and analyze both your judo and your training. You can always change the settings using “Manage Access” from your profile.

Download and install the app from Google Play or Apple App store

You can download the app and use it to register your training, upload your match videos and analyze your training. The app is constantly evolving and will soon have most of the features that you can find in the web system.

Register your measurements

Register your measurements such as weight and height, and also other body measurements to track your physical development. Register your max values such as max bench press. Your coach can specify that you, for example should do bench press 3x10x75% of max. The system will calculate the correct number of kilos for you automatically.

Update your profile and create your public profile

Update your profile with name, picture, gender, category and so on. You can also choose if you want to publish your results automatically to your public profile. You can link to other pages from your public profile such as Facebook, Judo Inside, Judo Base, and Twitter. If you have sponsors, you can add their logos and links to your profile. You can also enter your PayPal account to enable donations.

Upload your match videos to Athlete Analyzer Judo and start tagging match events

Upload your match videos to your library. This can be done from your computer or directly from the app in your smartphone. Make sure that you name it properly so that you can easily find it. When you have uploaded your match videos it’s time to tag the match events. Read more